Wood: 0
Stone: 0
Iron: 0
Gold: 0
Diamond: 0

Explore the world, find the resources to make a portal, teleport to another world. You will need different resources to make a portal in each world

The worlds will re-generate each time you open this page

Arrow keys to move, "crash" objects to interact with them
Y = You
= Grass (Walkable)
T = Tree
C = Crafting table
C = (You make the portal here)
P = Portal
B = Bedrock
A = Cave Opening
H = Chest
<empty> and ~ = Emptiness

Legend: (cave only)
S = Stone
I = Iron
D = Diamond
<empty> = Unknown /
<empty> = walkable area
What you need to craft the portal:
0 Wood

Currently you are in World #1

Game autosaves each 5 seconds