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Hi there! I am gamehelp16 and I am just another random internet user. I made a few games and you can check them out here.

RIP Poods

Right now, PewDiePie (the largest channel on YouTube) has around 49,710,256 subscribers and counting. On a video uploaded a while ago, he claimed that he’s going to delete his channel once he reach 50 million subs.

Monstercat Album Browser

Monstercat is an EDM record label which releases a new track three times a week. Once thirty tracks have been released, a new compilation album is created containing these tracks and two continuous mixes of the album.

JS1k 2016: Elemental Forest - Part 2

In the first part I have talked a little bit about the demo, the original source, and how the trees are drawn. In this post, I will talk about the rest of the stuff.

JS1k 2016: Elemental Forest - Part 1

This year is my third year participating in JS1k, a contest about making something cool using Javascript in 1 kilobyte or less. After submitting two text based demos (those are two links, btw), this year I submitted a more pleasing to the eye demo and I called it “Elemental Forest”.

The Gold Factory Cipher Answers

This post is about my first incremental game The Gold Factory. If you haven’t played it yet then probably you want to play it first before reading this post.

Second Post

Honestly I don’t really know what to say for this second post, so I decided to put a music video for you to chill at night (if it’s night when you’re reading this anyway).


Welcome! I am gamehelp16, and I am just another random internet user.